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The Sculptures Placed In Front Of Those Exchanges
- Apr 28, 2017 -

The same meaning also unlucky, and investors expect the "cattle" is relative. They were finally moved away. Can be the network of hot, the results of this black swan sculpture works artist Guo Jian are blown out.

In his article named "Guo Jian studio" published in the article revealed that placed in the Financial Street shopping center of this black swan works is a sculpture in 2014.

He said: "I really did not think of a piece of his work will give the economy and the stock market to bring such a big impact and pressure, and instantly feel that they can destroy the world, and I want to go to the United States with black swans!" Full of artists

The stock market is fragile. Placed in the stock market trading place sculpture, and even became the stock market boosted sustenance.

This is the exception of the world, and more to the image of cattle. One of the most cattle sculpture, undoubtedly Wall Street copper cattle.

The bronze sculpture is from the artist of the island of Sicily, Italy, Arturo DiModeca hand. At midnight in 1989, at noon, he put a copper bull in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The next morning, the daughter of Modica was surrounded by journalists and police. Later, Modica said he called his work as a promising response to the stock crash two years ago. Later, the bull was moved to the Bowling Green Park near the NYSE.

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