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The Origin And Development Of Chinese Sculpture
- Apr 28, 2017 -

In the long history of mankind, sculpture is almost accompanied by human civilization, the emergence of stone tools not only completely to the human and animal distinction, and the stone tools have been made with the characteristics of sculpture. The emergence of the true meaning of the sculpture is later human beings to the creation of the image, when people are not directly describe the nature, but to express their subjective concept and mind of the idea. The earliest sculpture is a symbol of the reproductive image of the female, it has exaggerated breasts, uplift of the abdomen and buttocks characteristics, the birth of this image is derived from the harsh living environment. Survival and reproduction is the key to the continuation of a tribe, and the fertility of women is so mysterious and sacred. The emergence of this image is prehistoric human worship of women's fertility performance, but also a prototype of the totem culture.

Before the introduction of Buddhism in China, the vast majority of working people to create a high artistic value of bronze art, the performance of the outstanding casting technology. These bronzes are plump, complex, highly decorative, and have a strong dynamic.

Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses is China's first monument-style group carving, spectacular scenes, magnificent. Using a horizontal layout, style realistic, is a miracle in the history of Chinese pottery.