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The Developing Direction Of Chinese Urban Sculpture
- Apr 28, 2017 -

1, the social form: the type of food and clothing - the well-off China's urbanization of the overall process of social form, from warm and warm to the well-off type of change, urban construction from extensive, large-scale infrastructure, to intensive, integrated, integrated development transition. The formation and perfection of the urban comprehensive n function system will further promote the planning, construction and development of the big cities. The driving force of social development is promoted by the industrialization of the industry and then promoted to the tertiary industry, and thus promote the improvement of people's quality of life, from the needs of the lifestyle, gradually give way to the "quality of life demands", which marks a well-off society The concept of value and urbanization is also gradually changing.

2, the construction of key: hardware construction - the construction of the city with a modern sense of the city sculpture formed in the 20th century, 60 years, 70 years later developed, which was the international community from the industrial production as the center of urban social life after the industrial era Transformation of the global "urban Renaissance" movement is an important manifestation. The rise of the 20th century, the early 80s of China's urban sculpture, it is accompanied by the history of China's urbanization and the rapid development of the process. The fact that the material needs and spiritual needs of human social development are a two-way interaction, logical progressive relationship. Well-off society's hardware construction with the material conditions of people to improve, pay more attention to the quality of life is the people's spiritual level dictates. From the hardware construction to software construction, will increase the intensity of the development of software construction, Chinese urban sculpture construction will continue to be a sustainable development of cultural "hot".