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Sculpture Classification
- Apr 28, 2017 -

The so-called relief is a combination of sculpture and painting products, with a compressed approach to deal with objects, by perspective and other factors to the performance of three-dimensional space, and only one or both sides to watch. Relief is generally attached to another plane, so the use of more in the building, utensils can often be seen on the objects. Because of its compression characteristics, the smaller the space, so it is suitable for a variety of environmental decoration. In recent years, it occupies an increasingly important position in urban landscaping. Relief in the content, form and material as colorful with the round carving. It mainly has a niche, high relief, bas-relief, engraved, hollow and other forms. China's ancient grotto sculpture can be attributed to the shrine sculpture, according to the different modeling techniques, but also can be divided into realistic, decorative and abstract; high relief is compressed small, ups and downs, close to the carving, and even semi-circular carving a form , This relief is bright and dark contrast, visual effects; shallow relief compression, small ups and downs, it not only maintains a kind of architectural flat, but also has a certain sense of volume and ups and downs; line engraving is a combination of painting and sculpture , It is produced by light and shadow, with light on behalf of the pen, and even some subtle ups and downs, giving a sense of elegant and subtle;