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On The History Of Chinese Sculpture
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Chinese history has a long history, sculpture is not a fresh topic. Traveled to the mountains and rivers, traveled to the big town, although we stand in the history of the cross-section, but the history of the passing has left endless traces, the Secretary of the generous tripod Ding, Qin Shi Huang Ling Terracotta Warriors, horse riding Huns carved carvings, jade The Buddha statue, the lion park jade statue, Dunhuang Grottoes, Fengxian Temple large Lu homes that shrines, Dazu stone carvings, mud color sculpture thousands of Goddess of Mercy, Sun Yat-sen like ... ...

Appreciate the art of fine, speculation that the ancient art of sculpture development process.

China has so far discovered the oldest sculpture, the relics of the prosperous stage of the Neolithic clan commune. This period of sculpture modeling is based on the overall objects on the ornaments, are rough, exaggerated, and its highly decorative. The most representative of the pottery portrait. Shang and Zhou Dynasties sculpture is focused on animal shape of the utensils, ornaments and characters of the plastic, compact, rough shape, with a strong human touch. Bronze art represents the highest level of Shang and Zhou sculpture. At this time the bronze works have been initially equipped with the characteristics of sculpture. Some exaggerated, exotic decoration, rendering the dignified and mysterious atmosphere, forming a dignified, gorgeous, temperament stalwart of the artistic characteristics, highlighting the Shang and Zhou people's aesthetic and understanding of the natural environment. Ding is a typical sculpture of this period.