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Buy Fiberglass Sculpture Crafts Attention To The Problem
- Apr 28, 2017 -

1. can not just look at the thickness of good or bad quality, because in the production of fiberglass sculpture even if a layer of fiber are not posted can also be very thick. In the production of sculpture during the period will require the number of layers of sculpture manufacturers posted cloth. Generally speaking, three layers in the inspection when they have to learn to judge, you can see through the fault layer to paste a few layers of cloth.

2. Buy fiberglass sculpture must be to the regular reputable companies to buy the products you need.

After the purchase of regular maintenance, two to three years to do a paint, so that sculpture can be better protected. Such as the outdoor environment as harsh need to do enough conservation measures. FRP easy to aging, after years of surface will be prone to cracking, serious fade and other issues affecting the beautiful. Even so, but we can extend its life, in the production process can be affixed inside a few layers of fiber cloth to improve its strength and toughness to extend life!