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The Design Significance of Campus Sculpture
- Apr 28, 2017 -

The creation of campus sculpture comes from real life, through its three-dimensional, colorful, intuitive artistic image and performance techniques to shape the United States, show beauty, and through the integration with the surrounding environment, together to express a harmonious emotional atmosphere. The design of campus sculpture should start from the relationship between campus landscape construction.

Campus culture sculpture is an indispensable art in human society, it is an important part of campus culture. We can be beautifully decorated in the campus sculpture, which can enrich and beautify the campus environment space, campus culture sculpture can enrich the spiritual life of teachers and students, but also a concentrated expression of cultural state.

Campus culture sculpture reflects the value of campus culture, but also a concentrated reflection of spiritual culture, then the design of the campus culture sculpture when to pay attention to what? First of all, to know is the campus culture sculpture to coordinate with the surrounding environment. Second, the campus culture sculpture should also be to improve the students in the positive state of the design, campus culture sculpture content and form to be unified. Every sculpture on campus is rich in information. Campus culture sculpture reflects the spirit of a region or a real world, giving the United States to enjoy.