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Talking about the main points of sculpture head
- Apr 28, 2017 -

The essential features of the head are the shape of the skull, the shape of the head and face muscles, the shape of the facial features, the shape of the hair and the beard. Observe the characteristics of a person's head, to seize the skull characteristics, sculpture should pay attention to the overall effect, composition should pay attention to the head, neck, chest three changes in the relationship between the volume formation, the process of observation of the shape characteristics of the model, Dynamic expression.

In the performance of facial structure at the same time, did not forget to show the personality of the character temperament. This requires a clear first impression in the sculpture, agile observation of the shape of the model features such as face or square or round, or fat or thin, year or young, facial features of the basic shape (height, radius, length) and look Attitude, and understanding of the identity of the characters. All of which help to strengthen the sculpture language when shaping the image.

In-depth characterization should pay attention to the overall structure of the relationship, pay attention to each angle of the external contour changes. The same can also refer to the light angle formed under the light and dark lines and the projection line shape, the fluctuation of each volume changes, learn to compare with each other.