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Stainless steel sculpture maintenance method
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Stainless steel sculpture is a popular form of sculpture in recent years, stainless steel sculpture is not prone to corrosion phenomenon, even if placed outdoors for a long time to ensure that the sculpture clean as new, and the air of acid and alkaline substances will not happen Reaction, for the wet weather have a certain resistance, but you do not think that stainless steel sculpture is not a problem, and long-term display of stainless steel sculpture, then there will be dust and corrosion. Do not think that the surface of stainless steel sculpture is generally less prone to fouling, stainless steel sculpture corrosion is very small, stainless steel sculpture and other sculptures are the same need to protect.

We can use some neutral detergent applied to the surface of stainless steel sculpture, and then use a soft soft towel gently wipe away. If the area of stains can be relatively large spray gun spray the surface of the characters sculpture, and then clean the dry towel can be used to pay attention to not too hard to avoid damage to the stainless steel sculpture, stainless steel sculpture maintenance work is very important in our Of the daily maintenance, we must continue to strengthen the protection of stainless steel sculpture work, so that everyone into the stainless steel sculpture maintenance work to protect our lives in the ornaments can bring us the beauty of the enjoyment, decorate our lives.