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Outdoor stainless steel sculpture requirements
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Most of the stainless steel sculpture on the outdoor, on the outside, then the environment will be more stringent than the room. Today, we are talking about the requirements of outdoor sculpture. Of course, the following situation is not only applicable to stainless steel sculpture, the same applies to fiberglass sculpture and bronze sculpture.

The role of outdoor sculpture to a large extent depends on the environment. In other words, the environment is suitable for sculpture, sculpture itself, the artistic value of the display plays an important role. Of course, in turn, sculpture will also have an impact on the environment, improve the cultural atmosphere of the environment, the best solution to solve the problem of outdoor sculpture. Of course, the sculptor himself chose the location of the environment for his own work, but in real life it is almost impossible, in this case can only take a compromise approach, try to find a more ideal place, so that sculptures and Environmental integration, together constitute a unified "culture as a whole" how to make sculpture as part of the environment, has attracted more and more people's attention. The sculpture as an integral part of the construction plan, and in the sculpture of the subject matter, theme, conception and the idea of full respect for the views of sculptors, knowledge of the executive leadership, construction planning structure, architects and sculptors effective cooperation, Will greatly improve the quality of our environmental art, improve the level of environmental art.