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Maintenance Skills of FRP Sculpture
- Apr 28, 2017 -

1. If the humidity of the sculpture environment is too large, water vapor will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of stone. So easy to produce water spots, whitening, weathering, rust and other conditions, serious damage to the stone, so the location of the sculpture to install the environment to maintain long-term ventilation and dry.

2. To mention the timely removal of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture contamination, because the stone has a natural capillary pollution sources (such as oil, coffee, ink, etc.) is easy to penetrate the pores into the stone, forming ugly stains. Therefore, the sculpture in addition to the need to choose good quality stone, but also need a special protective agent to protect. In addition, to know that all protective agents are not 100% long-term blocking pollution. So, once the sculpture is contaminated, it is necessary to remove it immediately to prevent it from penetrating into the pores of the sculpture stone.

3. Suggest that everyone FRP sculpture to extend the preservation of sculpture time, in addition to the prevention of water and pollution sources. But also regularly do some protection treatment here generally depending on the type of stone and protective agent to set the quality, preferably 3 years to do 1 to 2 times the protection of treatment. In addition, the quality of protective agent must pay special attention to be sure to maintain the permeability of stone, waterproof and anti-fouling, must not use some of the brand-name protective agent, so as not to not only achieve the protective effect but increased the stone maintenance problems The

4. FRP sculpture in the maintenance of the time, should not be directly washed with water, do not let the sculpture contact with non-neutral items, but can not use non-neutral cleaning agent.