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Introduction of stainless steel sculpture
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Cut the material The general tool used is electric scissors, it can be cut less than 2mm sheet, but after cutting out the degree of bad. As well as cutting plate machine plate, sheet can be cut out, but only cut straight line. To make the stainless steel sheet cut both flat and a variety of shapes, then we must use a plasma cutting machine. Note: cutting must be stable, otherwise it will cut the material, the material is cut, it is necessary according to the work required by the body planing system, do not let the board left Mishap, so as not to leave after the works polished Lack of regret.

2. Beating: Beating is a method of making carbon steel plate sculpture, stainless steel plate sculpture, carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate does not get the mold on the real knock, but according to the different shape of each part of the plaster model material down, according to Its ups and downs of change, to consciously beat, the bend of the place to bend, the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge, forging the hammer when the round with a uniform row of regular row of forging, wide and narrow distance, To be consistent, do not just scratch, otherwise it will destroy the overall sense of sculpture.

3. Welding: body forging right, it is necessary in accordance with the requirements of their welding together (with welding and welding) welding to prepare welding machine, welding, welding rod. As a result of welding a high degree of light, strong stimulation of the eyes, so wear a protective cover, to avoid being hit by light.

4. Polished: carbon steel plate, stainless steel polishing first with the grinding wheel to make the works of the weld and the excess place polished, and then use the soft wheel (cloth round) to throw, polished works painted polish to increase lubrication, Thrown out more bright, giving a good visual beauty.