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FRP sculpture clay cracking crack how to solve?
- Apr 28, 2017 -

For FRP sculpture, the biggest hazard is cracking. Clay sculpture in the final condensate before almost no strength or strength is very small, or the clay just finished condensate and the strength is very small by the impact of high temperature or greater wind, clay surface caused by excessive water loss in the capillary to produce a larger negative pressure leaving the clay volume A sharp contraction, but at this time the strength of clay can not resist its own contraction, resulting in cracks. The main factors affecting the shrinkage and cracking of the plastic are the ratio of water to cement, the setting time of the clay, the ambient temperature, the wind speed and the relative humidity.

  Fiberglass sculpture temperature cracks occur in the mass clay surface or the temperature difference between the larger areas of the clay structure, clay sculpture, in the hardening process, cement hydration produces a lot of hydration heat. Due to the larger volume of clay, a large number of hydration heat gathered in the clay inside the body and not easy to distribute, resulting in a sharp rise in internal temperature, and clay surface heat dissipation faster, thus forming a large temperature difference inside and outside, the larger temperature caused by internal and external The degree of thermal expansion and contraction is different, so that the surface of the clay to produce a certain tensile stress, when the tensile stress exceeds the shear strength limit of clay, the clay surface will produce cracks, the cracks occurred in the late construction of clay.