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Bronze sculpture and fiberglass sculpture contrast
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Cast copper sculpture using refractory gypsum mold or sand mold and other high temperature mold, generally inside and outside the two layers, the copper water from the skylight into the mold, cooling molding, wall thickness is generally 3-8mm, is characterized by hard corrosion resistance, long life , The quality is very heavy. Cold with a finger touch will have a cold feeling, tapping with your fingers will be issued a metal sound. Carefully observed, may be found in the above green rust.

FRP sculpture is made of fiber reinforced plastic, the use of resin and other chemical additives mixed in the mold after the internal chemical reaction molding, sculpture is organic matter, light weight, life is relatively short, a long time will occur aging phenomenon, will be deformed Twisted, will crack, the surface is generally colored, color life is limited. FRP itself hardness is also good, there is a certain flexibility, but the sculpture is generally hollow. With your fingers tapping, the sound of the more boring, false, and other glass sculpture is not rusty.

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